HELLO and welcome.

I’m Dijana – affectionately known as D or DJ by friends and clients alike.

My work leans towards an unobtrusive photo-documentary style. However, as you’ll notice in my portfolio, I also tap into my background in portrait and wedding photography to help even the most reserved individuals feel at ease in front of my camera and I’ve seamlessly managed sizable groups too.

My camera has rubbed shoulders with big names like Google, Rolex, and BVLGARI, alongside remarkable individuals who’ve entrusted me with their visual narratives.

Melbourne’s where I call home, but if you’re beyond my home turf, don’t hesitate to reach out whether it’s for a collaboration or just to say hi.
Email – info@dijanar.com
Phone 0402 78 75 72

More about me.

I’m a Melbourne native and the idea of a city that never sleeps fills me with excitement (let’s never talk about Melbourne circa 2020 / 2021).

I was lucky enough to have spent a few months living in New York and Saigon with my camera as a trusty sidekick, where I soaked up the chaos and quiet, capturing those little, easy-to-miss moments that tell their own stories.

Some of my all-time favourite shots were created during this period, it’s like I found my calm amid the storm. That calm and presence? It’s something I bring every time I shoot, eager to document something truly one-of-a-kind.


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