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Melbourne Portrait and Headshot Photography Pricing

I offer a few options for headshots and portraits to best suit your needs and budget. I am based in Brunswick but am also happy to travel on location or come to you if you have sufficient space.

Mini Session

Studio session



- For LinkedIn headshots

- Up to 30 min shooting.

- Includes one outfit change (two if we shoot fast).

- On location or my studio in Brunswick

- For actors or branding

- Usually 90 mins shooting

- Includes two outfit changes (three if we shoot fast).

- On location or my studio in Brunswick (or your choice of location if you have sufficient space).

Actors Headshots

Portrait / Lifestyle Headshots

LinkedIn / Professional Headshot








Said no one ever. But seriously, almost everyone that has sat before me and my camera has uttered the words "I don't like having my photo taken:. I'm not dismissive of this feeling and try to make the experience as collaborative and easy as possible so we're both happy with the end result.

I love having my photo taken

I usually recommend you wear something that makes you feel amazing. If you feel badass in a black pair of jeans or a slick suit / dress, I encourage you to choose something that you will still love in a year or two time.

I usually say to avoid bright green or red as it might throw a colour cast on your skin, but if you want to wear these colours I can always adjust this in post.

What should I wear?

Technically yes. If you happen to wake up with a few new friends on your face, I can easily remove them in photoshop. I can also fix fly away hairs and most other blemishes that are not permanently there.
I try not to be heavy handed with the editing, I want to try and stay as close to the original file, which is why I can spend some time trying to get it right to begin with.

You can fix that in photoshop, right?

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